Assembled D60 PCB (stereo pair)

Default version is based on SUTs (1:16). i/v resistor across the primary coil is 75R, loading resistors are 100k (secondary coil side).
Output impedance is 17.5kohm - for direct working on to high impedanced/low capacitance next stage with input impedance of 50kOhms and more.
Output level using DM ES9038Q2M DAC on 50k load is ~2.2V for BAL (XLR) and 1.1V for SE (RCA).

*Active output (50R output impedance) is possible using matched jfet transistors pairs (k170/j74). Parts for active output are not included.
**The final technical parameters of transformers and parts can be changed according to requirements.
WW shipment is included.

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