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Step-Up and line-level transformers for your digital and analog sources
About transformers
Low level and line level audio transformers hand winded on a high permeability toroidal cores using NOS wires allows to separate music signal from unwanted electronics/digital trash for longer and enjoyble playback of your collection.
  • I was introduced to Ivan's transformers in a friend's project - and - there is no way that I shall ever go back to any opamp - the only way that comes to mind to describe what the transformers have done to the music is - taking away any digital artifacts (for the lack of a better word) - sound simply more natural without any digital "harshness". So, yes, I am a very happy customer.

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    Wolfram Schlaegel
    DIYer from Germany
  • Hi guys, I got my trafos from Ivan. They are great! I love them! 
    Out of those three stages I tested Ivans trafos was absolutelly the best! I would say the most musical and natural sound. I really recommned you try them.
    Miroslaw Kotecki
    Audiophile from Poland
  • Your transformers sound excellent.
    Clayton Giesler
  • Many big thanks to Ivan, the transformer really sound fantastic!
    Eric Law
    DIYer from Hong Kong
  • When I turned it on for the first time I couldn't tear myself away for 5 hours 

    The sound was a little different, first impression: more high frequencies and less bass. After a while I realized that the bass is not lacking, it is different, strong but more punctual, it does not cover other ranges. Better for me.

    What surprised me was the space. I listen on headphones and suddenly some new sounds appeared somewhere in the back of my head.

    Super product...
    Piotr Jagodzinski
    Enthusiast from Poland
  • I ordered a pair of the bigger transformers (1:15) that Ivan offers, for my TDA1541A dac (in simultaneous mode, with Andrea Mori external clocks). I had previously used the 'smaller' 1:22 versions, and was very happy with the timbre, depth and overall sound they provided.
    I hooked them up and used a 33ohm I/V resistor that Ivan also makes and after a week of listening can only say the following:
    They are Absolutely Brilliant!
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    Thijs Marijn
  • Hello, just to share my experience with 0.5+0.5 : 22 transformers on a SM5865 DAC Chips. They are really superb , sound is more transparent and 3D than ever before. Tried many kinds of Opamps on my DAC output - none of them can compare to this transparency. Of course i have weak output ( 0,47V) and a driver / buffer is needed to match my amp impedance, but once everything is set right - the potential of this transformer i/v is superb. Bravo!
    Donatas Tamosiunas

    from Lithuania
  • I think that's what makes Ivan amazing to deal with. He has answered 10's if not a 100+ questions from me and studied several iterations of my amps, speakers, source and gain strategy for my system. Strongly recommended.
    Sebastien Payet
    from UK
  • Every instrument just sound as what it should be. 'Stage' is just brilliant. You can hear every layer. Feedback #1

    Ivan's output transformer is excellent suited for the ES9038Pro dac chip. This dual mono ES9038pro gives me the best DAC sound I have ever heard. Feedback #2
    Hong Kong
  • I wholeheartedly recommend his trafos for dacs. Once I am settled with the trafo loading, I will recommend the same to other DDDAC users as well who are on a budget and don't want to consider buying 700-1000USD trafo pairs. Ivan's trafos are amazing.
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    Kartick Grover
    Tireless audio enthusiast from India
  • sound from the trafo strong, dynamic, open, nice for the ear, lovely sound
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    from Denmark
  • The transformers produced by Ivan Biyak are a high quality product because the distortion is half of the others with a higher output level.

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    Andrea Ciuffoli
    Founder of Audiodesignguide
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